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Old Rockin/' Chair Tom Original Titles Recreation


Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948) - original titles recreation

Mammy Two-Shoes replaces Tom with a younger cat who is a lightning-quick mouser. Tom and Jerry form an alliance in order to get rid of this dangerous newcomer.H...

2020-02-10 07:39 103 Dailymotion

Tom and Jerry | Old Rockin Chair Tom (1948) original end titles


2016-02-15 00:30 92 Dailymotion

Old Rockin' Chair Tom 1948 with recreated titles

Old Rockin' Chair Tom is a 1948 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 36th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced...

2014-05-13 07:18 23,859 Dailymotion

TOM & JERRY - Old Rockin' Chair Tom

Tom and zerryTOM & JERRY - Old Rockin' Chair TomTom and Jerry...

2019-08-22 06:58 11,967 Dailymotion

Old Rockin' Chair Tom Scene

Ed Barge has much simpler detail with slightly more basic expressions and softer, rounded edges. Tom in particular has a smaller muzzle and more rounded ears, m...

2006-08-28 00:25 3,493 Dailymotion

036 - Old Rockin' Chair Tom

036 - Old Rockin' Chair Tom...

2016-11-03 07:17 70 Dailymotion

Tom and Jerry-Old Rockin' Chair Tom


2017-10-05 07:19 138 Dailymotion

Tom and Jerry - Old Rockin' Chair Tom


2017-07-20 02:39 49 Dailymotion

Tom & Jerry - Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948)

uploaded with File Uploader (

2015-04-14 07:31 12,742 Dailymotion

Tom and Jerry - Old Rockin' Chair Tom

Tom and Jerry - Old Rockin' Chair Tom...

2018-06-14 07:39 187 Dailymotion

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